Yes! We spend months each year from late April to early November working to make the trees as nice as we can make them; planting, fertilizing, aerating, mowing, shaping, etc.  But given all that hard work, when you come out to pick out your tree it is not so much about the tree as it is about you and your family having fun being together in the quest for your perfect tree.  This really is about you having fun together!  You can look at a few and pick one quickly or you can look over each of our thousands of trees several times before you make your decision.  You can walk all over the farm (228+/- acres) if you want to.  It is up to you and your friends and your family.  You can even bring the family dog (as long as it is on a strong leash) and have a great outing regardless of whether it is sunny, cloudy, snowing or raining.  It really is all about all of you. 

Our friendly staff are eager to help you when you need it.  If things get busy and the tractor is not coming as soon as you would like, we have carts stationed at strategic spots and you can bring your tree to our balers without waiting.  We have bags to protect your tree on its way to your home, particularly if you are going a distance on a paved highway.  We have wreaths or bundles of greens (boughs) from which you can make your own decorations.  We have a warm barn where you can warm up and rest from your exertions.  We have Bake Sales on our busy Saturdays and Sundays so you can have hot food and beverages.  We have the electric trains traveling around the barn on request.  We have maple products and tree accessories. 

Despite all of that and more, it really is about you and your friends and your family having memorable time together in the fresh air on a Central Vermont hill farm.  We look forward to seeing you on one of the long weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) this season.

Would you like to make a few natural Christmas decorations for your family and friends this year?  We can package fifty pound bundles of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, White Pine or Colorado Blue Spruce greens for you now before Thanksgiving.  If you want to make some wreaths, garland, or other holiday decorations, here is your chance.  Our wholesale customers report that they can make 5 or 6 fancy wreaths from a 50 pound bundle and have some pieces left over.  The price is $20.009 each bundle.  Call or email us soon!

Big Tree Nov 2015 WebWe have good selection of 10' to nearly 20' trees and in a variety of widths. If you have a really big room (with large exterior entrance doors) or an outdoor display and you want a large tree, you need to contact us ahead of time. We need the advance warning so that we are not trying to do this a busy time of the day when we need to help many customers over a short time period. The tree pictured is nearly 20 feet tall but we have many smaller ones.  

As you might guess it takes more workers and more time to cut, carry and package a tree of this size.   You don't transport it home on the roof of a sub-compact car.  You will need a large truck body or a trailer nearly as long as the tree.  You should also consider how you are going to secure it in the truck or trailer.  Rope or strong rachet straps are required.  Big trees need more than bailer twine.  Another concern is how you are going to get the tree safely out of the truck or trailer and upright at your location.  What kind of stand will hold a tree butt of this size?  We sell stands that will accomodate trees up to 12 feet or a bit more but a tree with a large diameter trunk will need a special stand or support.  If you choose a 10 to 12' tree, it is all manageble with some advance planning.  Each foot you add on to the height (and width) of the tree usually increases the amount of planning and resources required significantly.  

It might sound like we are trying to discourage you from getting a large tree over 12 feet.  We are not!  We just want to be sure you will be happy with your selection.  



We still have 2 prime days for a bake sale available at our Christmas Barn. Sunday December 4 and Sunday December 11 are still available and have been high volume days in the past. Charities, non-profits and school organizations are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible at 802-276-3382 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us an email using the "Email Us" page. We will send you complete details of what we provide and can arrange for a tour ahead of time if needed. There is no charge for the facilities. You keep what you make! This is a good experience as well as a fund raising opportunity, particularly for young entrepreneurs.

A little over a week ago we promised that "By mid November this website will be updated to the latest version of Joomla and be responsive to all types of devices including large monitors, laptops, and all sorts of smaller mobile devices such as smart phones."  On November 8, 2016 we made that promise come true, on budget, ahead of time!  Please wander through the many articles and send us a message, using the "Contact us" feature, if you like it or have suggestions.  Thank you.