Yes! We spend months each year from late April to early November working to make the trees as nice as we can make them; planting, fertilizing, aerating, mowing, shaping, etc.  But given all that hard work, when you come out to pick out your tree it is not so much about the tree as it is about you and your family having fun being together in the quest for your perfect tree.  This really is about you having fun together!  You can look at a few and pick one quickly or you can look over each of our thousands of trees several times before you make your decision.  You can walk all over the farm (228+/- acres) if you want to.  It is up to you and your friends and your family.  You can even bring the family dog (as long as it is on a strong leash) and have a great outing regardless of whether it is sunny, cloudy, snowing or raining.  It really is all about all of you. 

Our friendly staff are eager to help you when you need it.  If things get busy and the tractor is not coming as soon as you would like, we have carts stationed at strategic spots and you can bring your tree to our balers without waiting.  We have bags to protect your tree on its way to your home, particularly if you are going a distance on a paved highway.  We have wreaths or bundles of greens (boughs) from which you can make your own decorations.  We have a warm barn where you can warm up and rest from your exertions.  We have Bake Sales on our busy Saturdays and Sundays so you can have hot food and beverages.  We have the electric trains traveling around the barn on request.  We have maple products and tree accessories. 

Despite all of that and more, it really is about you and your friends and your family having memorable time together in the fresh air on a Central Vermont hill farm.  We look forward to seeing you on one of the long weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) this season.