2017 Wreath sm webFor many years we have featured retail wreaths made locally.  However that family has moved out of state.  We wish them well in their new home.  We have replaced them with another local wreath maker.  Prices are similar and the quality is at least as good as before.  They are hand made on stiff steel rings to be more sturdy and are double faced. This means they are less likely to scratch your door or other display surface and they could be displayed to show both sides.  The decorated wreaths are decorated on one side only. We will be less able to do special orders on short notice.  We urge you to order your wreaths ahead of time to be sure we have what you want.

The wreaths come in four sizes:

10 Inch ring diameter with an average 22 inch outside diameter.

12 Inch ring diameter with an average 26 inch outside diameter.

18 Inch ring diameter with an average 32 inch outside diameter.

24 Inch ring diameter with an average 44 inch outside diameter.

There are decorated wreaths and undecorated wreaths.

Some wreaths are all Balsam Fir and some are Balsam Fir with White Pine trimming.

They are priced as follows plus 6% Vermont Sales Tax:

Ten Inch Ring Undecorated  ............. $11.95

Ten Inch Ring Decorated .....................$14.50

Twelve Inch Ring Undecorated ...........$12.95

Twelve Inch Ring Decorated ...............$14.95

Eighteen Inch Ring Undecorated .......$16.95

Eighteen Inch Ring Decorated ............$18.95

Twenty Four Inch Ring Undecorated .$24.95

Twenty Four Inch Ring Decorated .....$27.95

Don't be disappointed!  Reserve yours today!