We grow eight different species and are trying others in small quantities. Some are available in many different sizes and are in good supply; others are limited in size or quantity or both.


We are proud of the variety of trees from which you can choose at our farm. Not only do we have eight different species but we have many different sizes to choose from. We have most of the species in the 5 foot to 8 foot range which is most popular but also we have DSCF3237Afour foot trees in some species and trees up to 20+ feet in some species. We have forks on our tractor to help carry and load the large trees on to your vehicle. We trust that you realize that if you buy a large tree, you will need to arrange for a vehicle large enough to carry it safely. You will need to bring rope or straps to keep it safely on the vehicle. You should also be aware that all doors are not created equal. Not only must the ceiling of the room in your house be high enough and the walls wide enough to accommodate your large tree, but the door(s) must be wide enough. We can compress the tree by tying the limbs but depending upon the temperature, there are varying limits as to how much we can compress it. Ask us for an estimate of how much we can compress it before you have us cut it. Be aware that some trees may be as wide as they are tall.Inviting Balsam Fir

We sell live trees three different ways - you may dig your own in the Spring or Fall, we can dig them for you in the Spring or Fall, or we have a few potted trees available.

Check our Choose & Cut Hours to find out when we are open.

We also offer Christmas trees in two different price levels - wholesale or retail.

CLICK HERE to view our Wholesale ChristmasTree Prices for 2017 for wholesale orders of 25 trees or more.

Our retail (choose & cut) prices are available upon request. The prices start at $5.00 in our pre-cut tree department and start at $29.00 in our you choose, we cut fields. The pre-cut trees come from blocks of trees that we wish to clear out so we can plant new trees again. We also will have pre-cut "Table Top" trees this year for smaller homes and apartments.

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