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We have several species of greens for use in making wreaths, garlands, grave blankets, swags, decorative arrangements, etc. The most popular are Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, and White Pine. We offer wholesale quantities in 50 pound bundles. We offer smaller bundles for retail customers.

harvesting christmas greensWe also sell a number of retail accessories and additional products in our Christmas Barn on weekends.

  • Balsam Fir Wreaths 
  • Garlands to Order
  • Christmas Tree Stands
  • Tree Bags (for transport and disposal)
  • Maple Products


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Random 36" or Less - 50# bundle
Balsam Fir Greens $450/ton $19.50/bundle ($780/T)
Fraser Fir Greens $450/ton $19.50/bundle ($780/T)
Red, White and Norway Spruce or White Pine Greens $450/ton $19.50/bundle ($780/T)
Blue Spruce Greens Special Arrangement $19.50/bundle ($780/T)


Greens, boughs and brush are synonymous terms for the purposes of this price list. greens are cut from trees that are no longer viable as Christmas trees or are especially designated for greens. There is a variety of greens lengths harvested from a given tree. Bundles normally contain this random variety of lengths. Special orders for bundles containing only specified lengths will be priced higher accordingly.

These wholesale greens prices are for orders of one half ton or more or smaller order of greens accompanying orders of 25 trees or more. Two 25 # bundles may be substituted for one 50 # bundle at additional cost. Greens that the seller cuts are tied into bundles with string.

Buyers cutting greens pay the per ton price. Special arrangements must be made for measuring the quantity of boughs cut by the Buyer. By specific agreement, the seller may cut trees with boughs and place the boughs in one or more piles for the buyer to remove. In this event marketable tops may be removed by the seller.

It is highly recommended that the buyer visit the Christmas tree farm in late Summer or early Fall to view the trees from which the greens will be cut. There is such a variety of uses of boughs having different desirable characteristics that it is very useful to see exactly what the buyer needs. Greens can be used as cemetery decorations, outdoor public building decorations, garlands, swags, wreaths, etc. Each of these require different types, density, length, specie, etc.  Our customers report that they make the most of a supply of greens by making several different kinds of decorations.

Greens are typically cut in late October to mid-November. It is important to have multiple frosts to "set" the needles before the boughs are harvested from the tree. Some years that happens later in the season which compresses the time to complete the harvest. Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir are the most commonly purchased greens. Colorado Blue Spruce greens are typically used in professional Christmas arrangements where the blue color is very desirable. The Red, White, and Norway Spruce greens are often used in decorations where large areas are being covered and a variety of shades of green are desired for effect. White Pine is frequently used as a highlight in combination with other species. The Colorado Blue Spruce greens will be a mixture of bluish green to very blue.


A down payment of 35% is required for orders received by October 16, 2017 and for orders received after October 16, 2017 the down payment is 50%. The balance is due and payable at pick up. Greens must be paid for in full before departure from our farm. Cash or bank cashier's check is the preferred payment method. Prices are subject to change without notice. An acknowledged order with deposit locks the price in for that order for this season.