Many applicants think that Christmas tree work must be pretty easy and have inaccurate expectations of the job. There is no need to be a 200 pound weight lifter. The weights lifted are not that great. But stamina and a willingness to learn are essential. We need workers who can be depended upon to show up for work on time and work when scheduled. There are black flies in the Spring, the sun is hot, and the mosquitoes and deer flies will bite in the Summer. In the Winter it gets cold and the wind blows. Other than that, it can be a pretty nice place to work if you like working outdoors in Vermont.

We are frequently in need of motivated workers with a good work ethic. Because of our use of machinery we prefer workers 16 years of age or older because state regulations permit their using more equipment than those younger. However, we do occasionally need workers to perform tasks with hand tools.

We are an equal opportunity employer. If you would like to apply, please download the application and then e-mail it to us. We will contact you to set up a phone interview or to schedule you to start work. Thank you for applying.

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