(Revised 02/06/2017)

As a mostly choose & cut Christmas tree farm we have to watch our inventory carefully to achieve a careful balance between not enough inventory and too much. Therefore we have been selling some trees wholesale each year for the last few years to keep our supply in balance. Also as we start to clean up some blocks in preparation for replanting, we need to cut some trees in blocks that are isolated from the full blocks of trees. Typically choose & cut customers mostly flock to the new blocks leaving perfectly good trees ignored and valuable space unavailable. This year we will have between 100 and 200 that we should sell. They are mostly Balsam Fir.  We encourage you to visit the farm and tag the trees you need. Each order should include some of the larger sizes. We will cut the trees, bale them in twine, protect them from the sun and wind in our special marshalling area, and provide a powered tree conveyor if needed in loading. A 50% deposit is required to reserve an order. Final payment is required at pick up. Minimum wholesale order is 25 trees unless accompanied with an order of holiday greens.

5' TO 7'+ $20.00 USD
8' TO 9'+ $25.00 USD
10' TO 12'+ $30.00 USD
13' TO 15'+ $4.00 per foot USD
16' TO 20'+ $5.00 per foot USD